These are family photographs that have been shared with me over the years that I've included on our family website. Some were mailed to me in the earlier years during the 70's and 80's - the later ones through e-mail.  If you have any photographs to share - please scan and email me with a brief summary about the photograph. 

Children of Ambrose G. Cliser (LR) John Cliser, Mattie Cliser and Frank Cliser, Page County, VA. 1910

Visiting on The Cliser Farm, early 1950's

Melvin Mathias Cliser portrait WWII

Melvin Mathias Cliser (son of Oliver Jett & Elizabeth Cliser) 1952

Merle Cliser, dau of Melanchton and Carrie Cliser, Page County, VA.

MARTIN MATHIAS CLISER and GRACIE ANN CLISER - 1877 - Page County, Virginia

Melanchton Cliser's Eviction Article - 1934

OLIVER JETT CLISER'S Children (6 of 14) , 1925 - Page County, Virginia 1925

CLISER'S ON FAMILY FARM - Page County, Virginia 1931

Amy Cliser, Albuquerque, New Mexico, 2013

CLISER'S ON FAMILY FARM - Page County, Virginia 1931

Herbert Melanchton Cliser & Carrie Batman Cliser, Merle Cliser daughter, in middle. 1914 - Page County, Virginia

OLIVER & ELIZABETH CLISER - 1917 - Page County, Virginia

SAMUEL DAVID CLISER - 1868 - Page County, Virginia

OLIVER JETT CLISER, 1909 - Page County, Virginia

Children of John & Pamela Cliser, 2012

Children of John & Pamela Cliser:    

Katie, Lauren, Leighann, Gabby, Jac and Reagan Cliser standing in front of Herbert Melanchton Cliser display at Big Meadow Lodge.

Cliser's of Fredricksburg, Virginia. Katie Cliser, Jordanne Cliser and Justus Cliser, 2009

The Cliser's of Virginia, The John Cliser Family, Somerset, Virginia, 2014

Cliser's of Fredricksburg, Virginia (LR- Jordanne, Justus, Scott, Tanya, John and Katie Cliser

SARAH CLIZER (WIFE of MARTIN CLIZER born 1792) Page County, Virginia

Oliver Jett Cliser home, Thornton Gap, Virginia

Oliver Jett Cliser family on Cliser farm - Page County, VA 1931

Robert Martin Cliser & Alice Cliser (son of Elmer Lee Cliser) 1977 - Wheeling, W. VA.

Ted Cliser, son of James Vincent Cliser, Jr of Coral Gables, Florida

Gary and Charlotte, 2005 (son of Bernard Cliser)

daughters of Oliver Jett & Elizabeth Cliser - Page County, VA. 1968

Ina Jane Shenk & Merle Cliser Fox - Luray, Page County, VA 1979

Right: Oliver Jett Cliser, Middle: Elmer Lee Cliser 1909, Page County, VA

Brother's Elmer Lee Cliser & Oliver Jett Cliser - 1909 - Page County, VA

Gary C. & Ina Jane Shenk, Page County, VA. 1998

Bernard and Dorothy Cliser, 1969 (From Page County, Virginia) They moved to La Puente, California

LR: Garrett, Gary, Charlotte & Ashlie Cliser - 2006

Gary and Charlotte with grandsons Wyatt and Wesley Martin, 2012.

Ashlie Cliser & Garrett Cliser (children of Gary & Charlotte) 2007

CLISER'S ON FAMILY FARM - Page County, Virginia 1931

Oliver Jett Cliser with 11 of his 14 children, 1960

Oliver Jett Cliser with his mother Gracie, and his little sisters, 1905

Oliver Jett Cliser, wife Elizabeth on Honeymoon, 1910

Elmer Lee Cliser, 1931 - Page County, Virginia